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Case Study: Successful Pressure Sores Claim

September 5, 2018

What are pressure sores? Pressure sores (pressure ulcers or bedsores) are injuries to the skin and
underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. They can happen to anyone,
but usually affect people confined to bed or who sit in a chair or wheelchair for long periods of time.

We had a female client who underwent spinal surgery at a London based Trust. Following the
procedure she was immobile and a plan was made to regularly reposition her to try and avoid
pressure sores. Unfortunately there were a number of occasions where this repositioning did not
take place. This led to the client developing a number of pressure sores including a Grade 3 pressure
sore – where there is loss of skin and severe damage which can take a long time to recover from.

Our client required an additional two weeks in hospital and then was unable to sit or lie on her back
for almost two months. Our client was very isolated at this time and relied on care and assistance
provided by her husband and daughter. Unfortunately this immobility also led to a delayed recovery
from her initial operation.

The client contacted us and we immediately investigated the care provided to her at hospital. We
liaised with the Trust who admitted that mistakes had taken place and that procedures had now
been put in place to try and prevent this happening to another patient.

The client was delighted when the claim settled for a figure in excess of £10,000.

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