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Case Study: Misdiagnosis Leads to a Much Worse Outcome

October 13, 2018

Our client, Mrs H, attended her GP as she was concerned with a mark on her nose. Her GP
appropriately referred her to the dermatology department of her local hospital. There she was
diagnosed with acne and prescribed ointment.

A year later Mrs H attended a different hospital and was advised that the mark was a basal cell
carcinoma and that it could have easily been removed had it been properly diagnosed on that earlier

Unfortunately, because it had been left for such a long time, the malignancy had spread and the
operation to remove it involved removing a large amount of skin from Mrs H’s nose. Our evidence
confirmed that the original doctors were negligent in failing to diagnose and treat Mrs H and that
she had suffered a much worse outcome as a result of that failure.

We settled this case for over £16,000.

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