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Blog: Injury After Birth: First Time Mothers

October 17, 2019

In a time meant to be filled with celebration and joy, all focus tends to be on how the new baby is doing. But how is mum coping?

First Time Mums

For first time mothers, the whole birthing experience is new with little awareness of exactly what should or should not be happening medically. It is difficult to know what pain or discomfort is normal during labour or after birth.

Often new mothers are so focused on taking care of their little one, greeting visitors and adapting to their new life, that their own problems can be neglected.

After Birth Care

In most cases the mother is well cared for after birth. Many require stitches after delivery and in some cases where the birth required the assistance of forceps, an episiotomy or the mother suffered serious internal or external tearing; there will be examinations or a trip to the operating theatre for further treatment. A Midwife or Health Visitor should also be checking wounds or stitches at home, once discharged from hospital.

Infections can be common and are often treated with antibiotics, however if there are other side effects, pain or discomfort it could be a more serious problem that needs investigating sooner rather than later.

Hospitals do make mistakes and we see clients who have experienced a range of issues, such as insufficient stitching; damage caused by negligent use of equipment or failing to refer or follow-up when there are significant symptoms.

The emotional effects of suffering birth injuries can put new mothers through turmoil. Some women struggle with feelings of guilt, blaming themselves for not being able to function or look after their baby. Some are left questioning whether their treating staff failed them. Often a traumatic birth or ongoing suffering can trigger post-traumatic stress or post-natal depression.

Next Steps

If you think that you have suffered avoidable birth injuries, please get in touch with one of our specialists today, who will deal with your claim with discretion, understanding and compassion. They will be able to advise you of your next steps and whether you have claim for negligent care.

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