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Case Study: Emergency Procedure Claim

June 4, 2018

Our client, Mrs C suffered with Systemic Amyloidosis. Her condition was described as Amyloidosis
with Cardiac involvement and intermittent episodes of Atrial Fibrillation and Hypertension. She
underwent a planned Catheter Ablation.

The severe increased risks of Endotracheal and Oesophageal intubation from receiving general
anaesthetic were not considered. There was also a failure to take anti-coagulation medication into

The intubation was completed prior to the procedure due to laryngeal amyloid and the procedure
was abandoned. The airway had been compromised and there was mucus membrane bleeding in
the upper airway. Mrs C was subsequently transferred to the ICU before an emergency
Tracheostomy was performed.

Mrs C suffered with 2 dislodged crowns during the procedure which required dental work during her
admission. She was an inpatient for 26 days, 16 days of which were spent on the ICU.

Mrs C also required extensive rehabilitation post-admission. She had to undergo a reversal of the
Tracheostomy leaving a scar which had some overlaying skin which appeared to be attached to
underlying tissues, some residual swelling below the scar and spasms in her neck muscles.

We managed to settle this case for £30,000 for the client.

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