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Blog: Birth Injuries

August 28, 2018

Concern about care provided to a mother during or following the birth of her child is something that
our team come across very regularly.  Whether this is the failure to undertake an assisted birth (with use of forceps or ventouse), delay in providing a Caesarean section or episiotomy, or the failure to properly identify and treat birth injuries, this can often lead to many complications.

When these difficulties occur, not only will a mother experience physical pain, but she may also
struggle to establish a bond with her new child at what should be a very special time for a family.

We were, therefore, not surprised when a Mumsnet survey* highlighted that many mothers were
unhappy with the care they had received following the birth of their child.

The ladies questioned had all experienced issues after giving birth between 2013 -2016 and the
results of this survey confirmed:

  • Only a tiny 6% of the 1,224 women surveyed,  whose pelvic floor or continence had been affected
    as a result of giving birth, were happy with their medical care;
  • Only 20% of women who had undergone an assisted birth with forceps or ventouse had been
    debriefed following the procedure;
  • More than one-third of women who had suffered a tear or C-section had not been given adequate
    care following their treatment.

We understand that clinicians and midwives will almost always be providing the best possible care
but, unfortunately, mistakes and delays do occasionally happen. In those circumstances some new
mothers will be entitled to make a claim for compensation for the pain and losses that they have

If you would like to chat with a member of our friendly team about any concerns you have about
treatment you have received during or following the birth of your child please feel free to get in
touch by email or telephone. All initial conversations are free of charge, confidential and you would
be under no obligation. We also work on No Win/No Fee basis for any claims that we are able to
assist with.


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