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Spinal Injury

Our team is highly experienced in assessing the merits of and pursuing a back or spinal injury claim. 

Damage to the spine can be truly life changing.   Operations on the spine will always carry risk and patients must be informed of those risks as part of the consent process, particularly where there may be alternative, conservative treatment options.

Many people suffer from a ‘bad back’ and the pain will often subside with conservative treatment such as physiotherapy. However, there are ‘red flags’ symptoms that professionals need to be aware of; such as numbness in the saddle, difficulties in urinating or defecating.  If these are present it is likely that urgent surgery will be required to relieve pressure on the spinal cord.

Failure to perform timely surgery could be negligent and could result in cauda equina syndrome.  Sufferers may end up wheelchair bound and find themselves incontinent and with loss of sexual function.

Negligence in this area includes:

  • Failing to recognise ‘red flag’ symptoms
  • Misdiagnosing a serious spinal issue
  • Unreasonably causing injury during an operation
  • Failing to properly interpret scans of the spine

Many of our clients with serious spinal injury require adapted housing, specialist wheelchairs, adjusted cars, specialist care and equipment as a result of their spinal injury. We therefore strive to reach the best settlement possible, taking into account all the adjustments and future care our client will need.

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