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Prescription Errors

Prescribing incorrect medication can cause a varying range of health implications on a patient, such as a delay in recovery, sickness and side-effects to more serious situations such as an over-dose, failure to treat a serious medical condition, severe allergic reactions and death. It is vital that prescriptions and dosage are correct and checks before dispensing.

In 2018 mediation errors lead to an estimated 712 deaths in England.

Pharmaceutical professionals are well trained in this country and there are procedures in place to minimise the risk of errors.  But unfortunately, errors can occur including;

  • Dispensing the incorrect prescription or another patient’s prescription by mistake
  • Incorrect dosage or duration of a prescription 
  • Interactions with other medication a patient is taking (known to the doctor as a contradiction)
  • Known allergies to particular medication
  • Inadequate records or poor communication resulting in the incorrect medication
  • Administration of out of date medication
  • Mislabelling, filing and administration errors

If you or someone you know has suffered as a result of prescription errors you may be able to bring a claim against the hospital, GP or pharmacy. 

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