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If you have suffered as a result of a missed, delayed or incorrect diagnosis by your doctor or a medical professional, you could be entitled to compensation.

Medical professionals take many symptoms into account when making a diagnosis. Sometimes the final diagnosis is wrong or delayed and there can be valid reasons why this is the case.  However, if a medical professional makes an unreasonable error in diagnosis; this can amount to a breach of duty of care.

Certain symptoms are known as “red flags” which require urgent referral to a specialist.

Examples of misdiagnosis include:

  • Failing to recognise back pain as a sign of serious spinal injury
  • Advising a patient that a scan has shown that they have a clean bill of health when there is evidence of disease.
  • A GP failing to refer a patient to a specialist within a reasonable time.
  • Advising a patient with an injured limb there is no fracture where it is clear there is a fracture on x-ray.
  • Failing to recognise symptoms of signs of:
    • Bowel cancer
    • Sepsis
    • Stroke
    • Breast cancer
  • Failing to respond appropriately and timely to abnormal test results.

At Patient Claims we have dealt with clients who have had conditions, injuries or illnesses missed, often despite multiple GP appointments or stays in hospital. These could range from fractures not diagnosed and therefore not treated effectively, to sepsis or cancer with devastating effects.

If a patient suffers additional pain and suffering or delayed recovery as a result of a negligent misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, there may be a claim.

Your Patient Claims solicitor will handle your case with compassion and expert knowledge, every step of the way. 

If you or someone you know has suffered as a result of misdiagnosis, please call our Patient Claims Team on 0333 987 4011 or email to speak to one of our experts today.

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